Villaggio turistico
Rena Majore
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Studio tecnico Geom. Ortu
Studio Tecnico Geom. Ortu
St. Tecn. Geom. Francesco Ortu
Progettazione e Costruzione

Piazza della Pineta, 19-20-21
Tel. +39 079655015

Ufficio Soc. Co.Edil
Soc. Co.edil
Ufficio Soc.Co.Edil
Costruzioni, locazioni e vendite

Piazza Sirenella, 9
Tel. +39 338 8727859


The indicator will take you directly to our Technical Studio. We also have an office in Piazza Sirenella, the historic piazzetta of Rena Majore. You can find us in the office with the sign Soc. Co.Edil Snc di Francesco Ortu.

Our Technical Studio is located in the village of Rena Majore, point of interest very close is the Sports Center where there are soccer fields and tennis courts and a beautiful swimming pool. You can find us from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 19.30, for emergencies you can always contact us at the numbers that you will find in the "Contact us".

We deal with real estate, from rent to sales and mainly we design and build. You can consult us for information regarding your homes, either on a technical level or to rent or sell.

Rena Majore is a village suitable especially for those seeking tranquility and relaxation, the beaches are very close to the town.

Nearby, about 6 km, is Santa Teresa Gallura, another beautiful resort where you can find other wonderful landscapes and beaches.