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Rena Majore
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Tourist village Rena Majore

Your Beach Holidays at Rena Majore


The village of Rena Majore is in time order the second tourist settlement built in the Municipality of Aglientu and at the moment, as a size, extension, construction of buildings and volume is the largest and capacious. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation is recommended for those who love nature and relaxation. Just 6 km from Santa Teresa Gallura, Rena Majore has in the Piazzetta its nerve center where you can find bar, restaurant / pizzeria, market, pharmacy and other activities. A few hundred meters from the square there are some wonderful beaches which can be reached along a road wrapped in the characteristic pine forest of the village.


Studio tecnico Geom. Ortu
Studio Tecnico Geom. Ortu
St. Tecn. Geom. Francesco Ortu
Progettazione e Costruzione

Piazza della Pineta, 19-20-21
Tel. +39 079655015

Ufficio Soc. Co.Edil
Soc. Co.edil
Ufficio Soc.Co.Edil
Costruzioni, locazioni e vendite

Piazza Sirenella, 9
Tel. +39 338 8727859

Excursions by boat and rubber boat
by boat and rubber boat