Villaggio turistico
Rena Majore
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Villaggio turistico Rena Majore

The village of Rena Maiori is chronologically the second tourist resort built in the Municipality of Aglientu and at the time, such as size, exstension, construction of bulidings and volumetry is the largest and most capacious. Settlement already thought in the years 1966/1967, takes the form and becomes operational reality in 1972 with the opening of the shopping center and essential services which for the period were innovative and unexpected because arisen in a green oasis. The services included restaurant, bar, pizzeria, cafeteria, pastry shop, sporting goods store, market, tobacco shop and newspapers shop. Immediately after it was inaugurated a swimming pool and a service train which traveling from the village to the beach.The Provincial Road was made fully functional in 1974, at which it came to a country road created by the Forest Guard that connected Santa Teresa with Vignola’s coast. Since then, the village lives following a constant growth trend to arrive today to count about 1300 properties that arise on a compendium of about 150 hectares of land divided into plots, half of which used like a green zone and like a common services. The main characteristic of the village is the pine forest that extends until the sea. The village is nearing completion ‘ cause missing to edify a few more cores and some landlocked lots, infrastrucure projects are under renovation and completion, and some of these are made by the Commune of Aglientu with costs borne by the users/owners. The properties, all privately owned, have different characteristics and are well suited to the demands of the lease. Essential services are guaranteed: water and disposal are charced to the company Abbanoa spa while the maintenance of the roads, the pubblic light and green public are guaranteed by the Commune. The Post Office provide the delivery service in the apposite lockers and eletricity and telephone are available in all the village. The Commune has made the management offices and in the summer there’s a medical doctor who work in an apposite surgery. In addition to all this, there’ s also a pharmaceutical service which is located in the village square.


Inside the village was built a sports facility, containing three tennis courts, two soccer fields, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, pizzeria; all supported by large and spacious parking. The original square, at the entrance of the village and already revised by the Commune, is gearing up at the best with partial or total interventions of maintenance and refurbishment. 


At the village, at the square and at all the services in general, you can access directly via public roads managed by the Commune and by the same controlled and regulated. The pine forest is a property of the Municipality but the management belongs to the Forest Guard which provides for the maintenance, upgrading and housing.


The location of the village Rena Maiori is enviable, because the ground declines downt to North/West smoothly and most of the housing units have sea views. The distance between Rena Maiori and Aglientu is 20 km while for Santa Teresa is 7 km.


The green belt that divides the first houses of the village by the sea has a depth of about 700 meters, while the highest part of the village, the most scenic, is about 2000 meters from the sea.  

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